Is this a good reason to change my name?

I wanted to change my name when I get older because I am indifferent to the name that I have now. I wanted to change it to Natalia (or another Latin name) and my father was really upset and I told him that it wasn't personal but he said that it was because I'm the only child out of 9 who has the feminine form of his name and it was given to me because I am his last biological child (and he also feels special towards that because I'm the only child that he could take care of since he used to be in the military). He told me that I had to be 21, I told him that I thought that I had to be 18 but he angirly said "well take a look again because you have to be 21". He also said that I needed a good reason and that the judge won't accept it if I simply "dislike" my original name.

Has anyone changed their name before? I've only seen trasgenders do it


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  • Where I live your name has to be a problem for you in order for you to change. For example: if your name brings you publich shame, then you can change it. You can't change your name here by simply disliking it.


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  • Just disliking name would not be enough I believe.