What happens when the United States disappears?

The United States and all of its citizens, businesses, and money have disappeared! What's the biggest difference between that world and the real one we're stuck in?


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  • 1) The entire world will go into a economic depression. Almost every single develop nation's economy are tied in with that of each other (credit, loans, debt, holdings, investments and etc). If you eliminate one of those countries then huge shift will occur worldwide. If America disappeared it will cripple majority of the nations in the world, especially China, Canada, Japan and the UK.

    2) War will occur on a global scale. Without America playing as the international police and providing military assistance to weaker nations then war will surely occur. North Korea and South Korea will most likely resume their war. China will go after Japan and Taiwan, Russia will slowly try to work its way into Eastern Europe until it runs into Western Europe forces. Africa will go to hell in a handbasket and the Middle East region will go from bad to worst.

    3) Food prices will instantly go up, as America is a larger producer of a lot of the world's food not to mention international food trades will be interrupted which will jack up the prices even further.

    4) Oil prices will go down since the largest buyer of oil (America) is no longer around. This will affect Russia and middle east big time.

    5) Many American companies will cease to exist.

    6) Smartphones will stop working worldwide as they are all American made and operate on American satellites along with American GPS.

    7) The Internet will go dark until another country re-routes the connections.

    8) Panic will occur as people try to figure out how the citizens of an entire country just instantly vanish. This will definitely cause a surge in religious membership as people seek comfort and reassurance that everything will be alright.

    9) A power vacuum will be left in the world along with a deserted landmass with plenty of resources (formerly America). Ownership to this land will surely be the cause of WW3, WW4 and probably WW5.

    The world will essentially be fucked up for the next century.


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  • There'd be a massive power vacuum but most countries would be busy with the struggle with trying to explain why 300 million people vanished to the concerned citizens. There'd be more radicals believing the world will end who'd take advantage of this power vacuum. Many countries (especially in the West) would struggle with the economic effects. Europe and it's allies would struggle to keep themselves together as extremist groups grow and became more daring. Putin would make it all worse somehow. China would also be in a tricky position but wouldn't try and conquer the world or anything.

    There would be a massive effect on world's religions (maybe some whole new ones might develop) and science as people try and learn what happened. Economics and technology would be quite different and countries may rise and fall given the chaos that would happen after.

    After a 100 years or so (if no explanation was given for an entire country vanishing) then eventually the dust would settle and life would continue as before but the world map would look a little different.

  • Half of the worlds economy would collapse. China's economy would fail. Europe would collapse in on itself and the more aggressive military powers would attempt to gain ground around the world without the threat of repercussions. The Middle East would be involved in in-fighting until one power took over. Europe would attempt to unify more, but would bring themselves down even farther since all of the strong economies won't be able to hold up the smaller ones. Russia would actually be the most well off, since they don't have much trade or economic reliance on America. So watch out for Russia making economic and military gains around Europe and Eurasia. China would still be the strongest in Asia but would have to rely on military dominance rather than economic to prop themselves up, so they would attempt to ally with Russia and attempt to rebuild their economy. NATO SEATO etc would do their best to maintain their power, but without the US they are a shell of themselves and all they could do is watch. Africa would continue as it has, but without as much aid as they had. Canada would have to be the strongest power in America and would attempt to fill in the gap of American power in the Americas, countered by Brazil in the south.

  • Infighting between nations looking to occupy the space the USA once held in international politics. Likely, Britain will reign supreme once again, only this time backed by France and Germany. The rest of Europe might ignite into war as Russia swoops in to recover territories lost since the Soviet downfall while simultaneously defending a two-pronged assault from N. Korea and China for Siberia's vast resources.

    Africa would disappear into a quagmire of warlords and racial-religious genocide and the Middle-East would engage war upon Israel like the Machines did Zion in the Matrix: Revolutions.

    Canada would be pretty chill as they have multiple gulfs of water separating them from all countries.

    South America would likely establish themselves as a united nation after 20 odd years of warfare.

  • They would all kill each other and the world would flood with oil and everyone would die.

  • if America were to disappeared i think so the other countries. because the world would likely be destroyed