Stinky gamer guys what is your opinion girls?

Say that your on a date with your boyfriend and after the date, he has a magic tournament. On the date you both go where ever, mall, movies, restaurant where ever. Later, you tag along with him at the game store for his magic tournament. While at the game store, it smells horrible. It smells like a thousand sweaty guys that haven't shower for months or years and all of the above. How do you react at this point?


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  • Magic is kinda fun, though I prefer Hearthstone, so I'm good with that bit. I'm used to game stores stinking of sweaty guys, so it's not something I'd freak out about because I'm in them a lot anyway, but I'd probably make it obvious to him that I knew and giggle about it. That's usually what I and my boyfriend do when we go to them.


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  • There's a study that proves women have a tendency to be attracted to men's sweat, google it.

    • It's not just sweat; it's also fart, gym socks, smelly feet, rotten eggs, bad breath.

    • There are other studies that prove that also. Do your research.


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  • My dream man!

  • Just because someone's a gamer doesn't mean they don't take showers jeez.


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