What should I do? I'm scared?

One thing you sould know about me is that even though I'm actually quite shy I am nice to everyone. I don't know whether you deserve it or not I respect everyone an give people the benifite of the doubt. But this time I'm scared. So there is a guy from school (I'm 17 but I am in a GED program and go to a community college) I met and already got bad vibes from, he asked for my number and I gave him the wrong number but my real Snapchat (I thought if it comes down to it I could just block him) and he proceeded to tell me how a girl gave gim the wrong number once and he confronted her about it. That put me off guard and so he also confronted me about it and I ended up giving him my actual number... yes I know I shoudn't have. Anyways this guy will not leave me alone. He always INSISTS on me sitting with him and when I say insist he begs, pleads and pressures me too same as him also been wanting me "let him drive me home". I've known him for a week and 1/2. I told him I don't feel comfortable enough too. When I said that he said "It's not like I'm going to kidnap you or anything". I feel scared. He doesn't put my feeling i consideration at all and when I tell him not to do one thing he totally disregards it and continues to do it. My friend wants me to go to the campus police or my counselor but I feel like an idiot for feeling this way but I'm legitimately scared. What should I do?


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  • Tell him off, and tell him you'll notify the cops if he speaks to you again. NOBODY has the right to INSIST you do anything. Trust your gut. Creep Alert!!!

    • I'm talking to my counsleor today. It's escalated and I'm done with his bullshit. He's said some really weird shit like how he "loves me" but in a very nonchalent way. He kept touching my thigh, hands and arm yesterday. I'm done. Fuck that creep.

    • Good. He sounds crazy. Please be careful, though. If you have some friends, or some people you feel safe with, try and keep them close until this blows over. If you feel like he might be dangerous, get some pepper spray or something. Better safe than sorry. Take care and good luck.

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  • Do what your friends say. I've been in the same position with an ex. He would randomly turn up at my door and follow me places. I've still not sorted it out but I'm going to take your friends advice. I really really wouldn't trust him. Stay the hell away from him. If he follows you tell him to go away. Forget about respect because he obviously doesn't respect you!! Good luck to us both, huh?


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  • Sounds like he's a stalker who's seriously obsessed with you. Don't be like J-Lo in "The Boy Next Door." Call the f-ing cops if need be!