Is it weird if I feel more scared of fake underwater creatures when they appear on a magazine or on a computer screen instead of real life ones?

For xample…I typed in google images “isolated on white background”…and suddenly a crab (isolated on white background) popped up…

Basically everytime I see an underwater creature unexpectedly I feel like a mini-heart attack…wether it appears on a magazine or on ma computer…. they tend to appeae MORE scary for some reason than those u see in reality….

U just feel like they’ll come out of da magazine/computer screen…..

Anybody else?


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  • It's weird and why are you gonna deactivate? :'(


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  • I know what you mean - The ones that get me are the bugs when they are magnified A million times, they look well scary.


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  • I don't feel that way, but I can see where you are coming from. underwater creatures look so different than terrestrial ones that they look scary