I'm 20, only had one semi long term girlfriend, never had a job, no car, no friends and still live at home - Am I a failure?

Just crossed my mind; Longest relationship I had was 5 months, everything else in my life I just seem to fail at; I can't make decent friends and get so much shit my way constantly, I feel like a failure.


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  • thank apple pie i am not the only one... I am a complete loser... no job... bad at college... I have one last semester and if I can't get my grade up I will never be able to go back... I haven't told my mom yet... I had never had boyfriend or never really was allowed to interact with guy or girl outside school and became a homebody... I stay at home all the time or I go out with my family which isn't the same and i have a muffin top... The only thing that make me somewhat happy is jogging outside with my old playlist... and I haven't made time for that... Its lonely when you don't have anyone to talk to and your fat and you can't buy pretty clothes

    • because you never had a job and yes i applied online but no one ever called me back... I have no passion and i am not good at anything... Sometimes I wish I wasn't me... like why couldn't i be white and come from a rich family or something... Why am i pressure to fight for the American dream... why am i still inside my house like my own prisoner... why? Why can't i just end my life... i mean i have a okay life... it just sucks... and i can't cook healthy... i can't cook... ugh... so i eat sweet or my mom cooking... i get constant BS from my mom... i failed as a person and I am pretty sure i am going to be live a typical lame life... a typical horrible life 9-5 job and a stuipd ugly house and it probably going to suck...

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    • Awwwwwwe, trust me life is suckish for everyone. Nobody's truly happy, it's this effed up place of a World we live in. Don't worry and try and be happy... and remember Things could be a whole lot worse!

    • @loved2blovedbyu i mean if only i was rich or come from a family that was important then maybe i would see new thing and have new life experience... instead i come from a working class with the stuipd unrealistic idea that if i work hard i will get everything i want... that just BS... i wish i live near a beach or in hawaii or near nature so i could take my long jog in the afternoon... that would be nice but it won't happen ill probably be 80 before i ever get to live near a beach and even then whatthe point ill be to damn old to walk or jog... heck... i am already losing my hearing... i am a pathetic and i still can't believe i am here... i numb to the point where I don't care... i no for sure ill never have any friends or contact with the outside world... I hate it all... still upset

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  • No you're not a failure. Believe it or not, you're starting like most people do. Early 20's is meant to be a time of constant discovery and experience, not necessarily a time of cementing your life (You can, if you know exactly what you what... that'll probably change as time goes on though).
    When I was 20 I thought I knew what I was supposed to do, at 25 I KNOW what I'm supposed to do... and guess what? At 30, I'll dislike and do something else. That's life.

    Also keep in mind that your life can change in a matter of seconds. Things might not be great at this instant, but when the ball starts rolling, it takes a tremendous amount of f*ck ups to bring it to a complete halt.

    You're still very young and despite what you ascribe to yourself, you're doing just fine for your age.


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  • You're not a failure.

    You have time to act on this. Get up, go out, and sort yourself out. Focus on one thing at a time. You'll get there.
    Start with a job. Then friends. Then a relationship.

  • You need to become comfortable with yourself. No relationship, friends or romantic will ever last until you learn to love yourself.

    You also need to get your life in order. You need to go to school & get a job. Your parents will not be there to care for you forever.

    This is your life & future, either get it together now or work harder to fix it when you're older.


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  • Well why dont you get a job thats probably the easiest to get out of all those. A part time job is easy to get that is. Then after that buy a car and keep trying to talk/joke with girls so you can ask them out. I think thats a good plan you could follow.

  • Failure?

    Unless ur in debt u ain't no failure bud

  • Not a failure, but try harder. Only you can make life happen. No one can give you a life.