Why did I dream of a guy I hate?

There's this guy in my class that may or may not have a crush on me I don't know but, I hate him and he loves to pick arguments with me bc I'll fight him on it. I dreamt about him three nights in a row and we were in gym class, he's not even in my gym class this year, and we were playing field hockey (we both love hockey) and were on opposite teams and so we switched out with other classmates and went to the end of the rotation line and he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him and said, "how's my girl?" I was trying to push away from him in the dream by he had a tight arm around me and I didn't hate it... Why am I dreaming of someone I hate so much like that. In the dream, his arm was strong and warm and actually comforting but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME? I HATE THIS GUY AND I HAVE THAT DREAM ABOUT HIM?


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  • We dream with things we see, with things we feel in our daily life. If you see him often, even hating him, I'm not surprised you dreamed about him.

  • cuz you want his dick.


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