What are some ways that I can talk to this guy?

Ok, so I like this guy on my bus. In the afternoons, I always see him sitting behind me from the seat I'm sitting in (we can sit anywhere on the bus basically). When I get on the bus, he's always smiling at me and when I look at him, he either looks away or continues looking. Also, I have seen him talk before because his friend had sat by him on the bus today. So, what are some ways that I can talk to him?

@Paris13 , @Applefan1 , and @scuff1986 can you answer this question too :)


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  • I don't mean to sound sexist but most guys are not like many girls. Many girls treat guys badly, judge and are really nasty and rude when we try to talk to them. Guys are simple, they will talk to anyone without judgment, most guys will be polite and talk to even a random person in public. So all you honestly have to do is say hi to this guy, if your shy most guys are fine with that they will love the fact you had the guts to talk to them in the first place. It really is so easy to talk to most guys. Good luck.


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  • Why not Try and... Sit by him in the bus, @Ashely_Princess?
    This may be a good start from your own heart to Begin a nice Beguine of Starting out friends. Talk about school, your classes and courses, start off with this.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13 :)

    • Oh, so welcome.. he may want this too @Ashely_Princess. xxoo


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  • just say hello to him, plain and simple

  • I guess best way is to try and engage him with small talk, saying hello and going from there

  • These get reported as member posts. It's annoying. Some of those people you mentioned, aren't good at answering either, they're idiots


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