If someone closely resembles a celebrity who is known to be unattractive, would you actually tell this person?

A friend of mine went on vacation several years ago to Hawaii. One of his drivers looked like Wallace Shawn.

If someone closely resembles a celebrity who is known to be unattractive, would you actually tell this person?
I saw a picture of the guy, and he does indeed look like Wallace Shawn. The thing is, my friend actually TOLD him he looks like Wallace Shawn, and my friend also indicated that the guy didn't sound too happy about being reminded he looks like Wallace Shawn. Frankly, I was surprised my friend actually told him (not every thought deserves a voice).

If someone you know or have met looks like an unattractive celebrity, do you tell him/her? Why or why not?


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  • I attended a school while I was in the Navy. There was another sailor there that looked like this guy:

    I walked up to him one day and said:

    "Has anybody ever told you..."

    That is all I got out before he replied:

    "... that I look like Alfred E. Neuman? Yeah, I get that a lot."

    I felt pretty bad for the guy.

    Oddly enough, there was another sailor at the same school that looked like this fellow here:
    The second fellow did not take it as well as the first did. We still called him "Chicken Hawk" though, even the instructors at the school did.

    • Chicken Hawk has a good physique.

    • With this dude, it wasn't his physique that drew you in. It was his little hooked nose (that looked like a beak) and that his head was disproportionately large for his torso.
      Not a good look at all.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • I wouldn't tell them if I know they would really be offended by it. Now if we were joking around I might.

    For instance my God sister looks like Sandy from Spongebob you're probably wondering how when she's a squirrel but it was funny because she did and she wasn't offended wevall got a good laugh out of it.

    • How old was your God sister when you told her this?

      It's one thing to be told you look like a cartoon character, but quite another to be told you look like a real life unattractive person.

    • I didn't tell her one of her friends did they she cracked a joke on her facebook page.

      She was 18 when it happened and she's actually very pretty it was just this one picture they were posed the same way and she does have an over bite so you I'm sure you get what I mean. But she's not identical to her or anything like that.

  • I wouldn't tell them lol but me and my friends talk shit about the way people look all the time... It's fun!

    • I recall it being fun when I was your age, too.

      By the way, you TOTALLY look like my friend, except she's about twelve years older than you (she looks rather young for her age).

    • That cool lol☺

  • Lol I've done that a couple times before, and they got a little offended , I guess because the celebrity was unattractive

    • How old were they? About how old were you?

      Out of curiosity, which celebrities did you compare them to?

    • Maybe in teens. It was a while back , can't really remember.. They would just respond like "I'm not that ugly" or something. And then I was like they're not ugly though..

    • Which celebrities did you compare them to?

  • Lmao. Wallace Shawn. This made my night 😂😂😂😂

  • Someone told me I look like Willow Smith. Yes it was insulting but I probably would have done the same


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  • Haha, nah, that's the kinda stuff you keep to yourself. LOL

    As an aside, my college academic advisor (who I got fairly close with over time) is a dead ringer for Timothy Olyphant (actor in TV show "Justified"). I finally mentioned it several weeks ago and he was pretty stoked.

    • Yeah, I have always kept that to myself. My brother's friend looks like Billy Barty, if Billy Barty had a vagina. Yet I've NEVER said this to her, nor would I (well, nor could I... she died).

      Another acquaintance of mine compared a friend of mine to Jason Alexander. When she did this, I was thinking, "Are you that stupid? Why not just say, 'You look like a balding fat guy?'"

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha yeah, Jason Alexander ain't the best doppelganger to have. LOL

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  • Not unless it was a celebrity I respected and/or was a fan of. In that sense it would be in more of a positive light than a put-down.

    • Hmm. Perhaps.

      I think if it was a physically unattractive celeb who was well respected, I might say, "You remind me of..." rather than "You look like..." or "You resemble..."

  • So, you're asking whether or not you should unintentionally insult someone?