Can a 17 year old leave home for a week alone?

There is so much stress going on and I just wanna get away for a week just by myself can I legally do that in Texas.


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  • It's legal but please be safe! Don't run away and have no-where to go, make sure you have somewhere you can stay. I'm sorry for whatever is going on it sounds tough :(

    • If you are not an attorney, you should not be giving legal advice. Sometimes, people get prosecuted for practicing law without a license. And, in this case, you gave bad advice.

    • If you're 17 your parents can file a runaway report but the police are not required to take you home if you are safe. At 17 you also can't be taken into custody for running away under the Juvenile Justice Code

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  • No, you are a minor and subject to your parents' control until you reach age 18. However, why would you want to do it without talking to them? If they understand the extent of your turmoil, perhaps they will agree to a "vacation," as long as they know where you are and generally approve of whatever home you will be in. However bad things are now, running away will only make things worse.


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  • You can only legally leave a household with permission. Age of majority in Texas is 18.