What makes you fall for someone?

What character traits do you look for? What appearances do you like? Anything specific, do you look more at appearances or personality? No bullshitting I'm not judging here xD haha thanks <3


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  • If she has a great personality than i like her , she can have a ugly personality
    and I won't like her... i don't beat around the bush.:p


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  • I'll notice if a guy is good looking, but what makes me like him is definitely the personality and if we have similar interests and can have conversations and joke around.

    Honestly, all the decent guys I've like have looked completely different but have similar personalities.


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  • Well, I can't fall for someone, it's not possible, because I am a very logical person to add to that, I have standards for the kind of woman I would want in my life and the standards are very high, both looks/appearance wise and also personality wise they are equally high and I won't compromise on either of them. Of course these standards are drafted keeping my own personality, thinking and nature in mind. They are not unrealistic, I know it but the criteria is very tight.

    Sorry, it's hard to explain, and I won't put it here, I am uncomfortable doing that. However if you are very curious to know then message me and I'll tell you what you want to know. Only if you are curious.

    Yes, I am not joking I am telling you the truth. I won't lie to you and certainly not to a woman, so don't worry.

  • I don't know they just have an x-factor about them

    appearance wise every girl I liked has been brunette with brow eyes and had fair to light olive skin


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