Random opinion or thought?

Sometimes we have random opinions about random things that no one really cares to hear. What is an opinion or thought you have that no one has every asked you about or cared to hear?

Why is elmer's glue still in business when their glue never fucking works. You can rip a giant hole in the top and still nothing ever comes out.
^ for example


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  • What if we wake up tomorrow and there's a zombie apocalypse? Would it be like the walking dead? 💀

    • I hope not, that show goes from being really good to really boring so often I can’t even watch it anymore.

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    • Well in that case I imagine that it wouldn't be to hard to control. But I don't know. Hey also have you ever noticed in movies there are never any zombie children roaming around. I mean sometimes but not as much as there are adults. And what about zombie babies and toddlers?

    • I never thought about til now 😂😂 that is weird. Maybe they are scared people would get upset.

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  • Sometimes I wonder about why more girls don’t just shave their heads. It is so easy to take care of and think of all the money you can save on shampoo and conditioners.

    • You wouldn't mind if your girlfriend had a shaved head?

    • I shave my head, that would kind of make me a double standard having asshole. I get it, a shaved head or even short hair is not “feminine” that is bullshit, there are plenty of women out there who still look beautiful with a shaved head… but it does get a little cold sometimes.

  • Yes, I have one

  • That's not really a question, just sort of a complaint


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  • What if the world we are as live in right now is just a dream, or we're like puppets or pawn playing out our show to please someone. Or like what if drugs are illegal because they show you what the world is Really like and there is something in the air you breathe keeping you from seeing the real deal and the government is just setting illusions for everyone. Yeah okay 😂
    That's the weird shit I think of

    • What if your life is tlike the truman show and everyone is watching you right now.

  • ... I just really want some chips right now...