Is there anyone here who is actually part of a feminist group (I just want to learn, not insult)?

There seems to be nowhere that isn't either feminists agreeing with each other or MRAs agreeing that feminism is all wrong. These sites are either unhelpful or inaccessible to someone who isn't VERY educated in feminism. I'm not a feminist but I am looking for somewhere to learn AND to ask questions.

Is there even such a place?


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  • In college there are clubs for things like this, and online you might be able to find meetup groups.


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  • I have no idea I don't understand feminism myself. I'm a bit traditional when it comes to roles. I believe a woman is as strong as men in lots of ways but I believe they can both work and communicate about what they expect and need from each other. I think guys can cook and clean too and girls can do the gardening. Extreme feminism is another thing altogether cannot stand that


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  • It doesn't help that feminism encourages fierce hatred of men, and stirs divisions. Ask about feminism on the Internet, and you will get varying responses, some take it farther than the party line that "it's about equality". You'd be better off researching the base of the movement, instead of asking people for their subjective opinion on a site like this.