Why don't older women who are worried about having kids go to sperm donors?

To those older women in their very late 20's or during their 30's that are single and worried about still not having a child, wouldn't it be an easy solution going to a sperm donor.

I noticed several stuck in that position, single, older and no kids. Go to a sperm donor. Problem solved.


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  • Because I imagine they're still holding on to the hope of meeting a guy, getting married, and starting a family that way. Having a family is more desirable/easier than being a single mother, plus having a child makes women less desirable in the dating world (which decreases their chances of finding a guy after they've used a sperm donor).


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  • Thats a solution but maybe they want a husband to share life with. Im sufe its more complicated then thm just needing sperm.


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  • maybe they want a family, not just a baby. or maybe they dont want to raise a baby alone with no dad

    • I understand and feel kind of sorry for them but there is a solution if they really want a child at that point. It's better solving it when she's at that age than relying that someone special will stop by knocking on the door and by then, she'll have a harder time having a child.

    • yea, thats true. but i think its that they want a family, not a baby.

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  • I've seen two posts here by women that said they were going to do this, so yeah some women consider it and likely follow through with it.