What would you think if your classmate listens to Quran?

I am 18 and I go to high school.. i have a Quran app on My phone and I didn't know that it plays the Quran everytime it is prayer time :(
and in the middle of maths lesson my phone played Quran and everyone looked weirdly at me...
What do they probably think of me?


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  • That's called azan not quran azan is like the call of prayers but quran are verses

    • Yea I know... just thought people wouldn't know what azan is

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    • They probably think you're a weirdo or a witch or a terrorist, If you ask me, but there'll sure be some others who would respect your beliefs, just make sure you have your phone silent in the middle of the class, not for anyone's sake, it's just because you should in your class, you shouldn't interrupt your class for whatever something that's about you, not just quran here, Out of the class make it go as loud as you'd like, it's none of anyone's business, if no one's gonna respect it, then they just should keep their mouth shut, because out of your class it's your own free will, own it and no one has the right to say anything about it, if you hate just the feeling they give you that you're some kind of a "weirdo" then make it go silent and that's nothing to be blamed for, Islam is easier than that.

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  • Haha the same thing happened to a friend in the Uni's Library, she turned red, but yeah it's okay, most of them probably never heard the Adhan in their life, so they wouldn't know what it is :)


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  • People are free to worship whomever or whatever they want. If they give you crap for it ignore them. Although having your phone go off during class like that can be really distracting.

  • who cares what they think of you i just look at you like i look at christians some just have a personal faith and others won't shut the fuck up about it you sound like you just have a personal faith and aren't trying to bother anyone with it.

  • They probably think you have some weird ringtones.

  • They might think you're a muslim.

  • They probably just was wondering what that noise was. That's about it.


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  • Well ya that IS weird and disrespectful towards the teacher. You know how your phone is not supposed to ring in class, so they don't have to interrupt the lecture. Same idea

    Those that recognized it was a religious thing probably though your a weirdo, the rest thought you're into weird ringtones. It it happens regularly they'll think you're just stupid

    • What a polite answer

    • @Surfofthenomad well she asked. Something you will have to learn the hard, if it's not common sense. But if you do things that aren't customary in a certain environment people will think you're kinda weird. Because you are by the very definition of the word not normal