Why are guitarists so egotiscal?

I am a big guitar player myself, for a long time now, and all the other guitar players I've met, except maybe a couple, have been extremely egotisical and try to be extremely competitive in just a simple jam session. I refuse to join a group with two guitarists. But I just don't understand, some of these guys aren't even good and still have that mentality. To be honest, I have zero of this attitude in me, I just don't understand where it comes from.


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  • I think all artists have this mentality


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  • Actually, the ones I've met are so afraid as being labeled as egotistical show-offs that they try very hard to act humble about it. Including myself.

    Which is sad.

    So please stop.


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  • Yea, I was with a guy who played, and he was definitely an egotistical ***hole... Haha. I'm not sure it's because he plays guitar tho, there were many other factors contributing to his "outstanding Ego"


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