Have you ever cried for a stranger?

I don't mean for a fictional character. I'm sure most of the world has cried over Dumbledore. I'm referring to crying about a real person.

I was listening to this song and was struck by how sad and beautiful it was. I did some research on it and saw it was written for the theater version of "Waitress", a film written and directed by Adrienne Shelly. I was so shocked to learn that she was murdered. Reading about her life, her family, and how she died made me so incredibly sad. I couldn't help but cry for a woman who died nine years ago. Anyone else ever experience this? Or am I the crazy one?

Here is a link to the song:


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  • Happens to me quite often. I just can't bear to see people suffer, even if they are strangers. It's the same with animals as well. For example, I once shed a few tears when i saw a little girl who was cripped and was on cruthces. And also when I saw a dead bird on the highhway (supposedly knowcjed down my a speeding motorist).

    I kow that I'm being too soft and vulnerable, but that's my just my nayure and I can't really help it.

    • Being vulnerable and open to others' pain isn't a bad thing. It's a wonderful thing, especially considering how selfish and narcissistic people have become. I'm glad there are empathetic people like yourself out there.

    • Thanks for your acknowledgement, I appreciate that! But people often say nasty stuff to me such as 'I'm a pussy', 'I'm not man enough', 'Men don't cry' and stuff. Of course, not that I care, but it still hurts sometimes. These are the people who don't know that I'm not a 'pushover', and I am capable of fighting tooth and nail for myself and my close ones if the situation demands. :(

    • People love to make assumptions about others. By making such statements about you, they are only highlighting their own ignorance. Being empathetic and also determined are great traits to have :]

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  • im not sure if this counts but one of my high school teachers... her daughter passed away at 24 years old. she was due to graduate that year. i had no idea who the girl was but i went to the funeral and i bawled my eyes out, even though i tried with all my might to suppress tears.
    her dad's speech got to me most... i think that's because i was standing beside mine at the time :(

    R. I. P Amanda <3

    • That is so awful... :[ I'm so sorry for Amanda... and her loved ones. It's hardest when someone so young dies... makes our world seem even more improbable than it already is.

    • thanks for ur wishes.
      yeah honestly. gone too soon.

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  • I pretty much did when this happened to Christchurch.

    You might find this very hard to watch


    • I'm scared to watch it. I don't want to feel horrible today as well... 65 dead... wow :[

    • It is ok. Don't watch if you don't feel you can. I understand. :)

  • Yeah, I've shed some tears when some disasters of terrorist attacks happen.

    • It's so insane to think about how many different lives at different stages are just eliminated in seconds...

    • Exactly... just today 80+ lives were gone in Turkey, like you said, in seconds :S

  • Of course, that's why I don't really follow the news anymore... there is too much pain


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  • I have that problem where when i see someone cry, i somewhat feel their pain and start tearing up hahah

  • Yes, I've cried multiple times because of the victims in Gaza. It's so sad to think about how some children lose their parents so early and end up alone. :(