Girls, should I come out to my friend?

This is a follow up question to this one I feel obligated to come out to someone on coming out day. Her parents are relgious and I'm sure they don't like lgbt people. I known her for about 4 years? I am not sure. We aren't really that close. I have hinted that I was bi in a group chat, I am not sure if she got it or not. A long time after this, I complimented her on her makeup, and she laughed akwardly. I am not sure if I should come out to her or not. My other firend was homophobic and my friend at school will surely tell everyone-she can't keep secerts. So, the first girl I mentioned was the only one. Should I, or should I put it off untill next year?

Coming out day is tommorow and I still don't know what to do.


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  • I would come out with someone whom i REALLY trusted and considered a friend, first. especially if she was gonna be the first person to know.

    • The first to know were my cousions whom I really trust and that support lgbt.

    • ohh, okay. maybe you should "test the waters" to make sure they aren't homophobic or something...
      obv at the end they'd have to understand to stay friends, but just in case


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  • if you feel comfortable and you need to tell someone, you should tell her. she's your friend. if she's a true friend she'll respect and love you no matter what, if not, then its her loss not yours.

  • I think you should if you want to. I think it's not a big deal in this day and age. It doesn't matter what her parents think