Guys, are you alright? Why or why not?

How do you feel? Today or just in general? What would make you happier?


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  • I'm okayish, not great but not terrible. Right now I'm trying to take it easy and relax a little, my life's been a little hectic lately so I feel I need it.


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  • I'm pretty happy in general and simple things make me and keep me happy xD
    I love the feel of crisp dollars haha

  • I'm good. Could things be better? Yes. It's a bit lonely for me these days, but on the whole my life (and my self) has improved drastically over the last 2 years, and I'm very very thankful for that. Thanks for asking :-)

    I'm saddened at the fact that I'm not married to Jessica Alba!

  • Nvr been alright ever since the day i haven't get to touch a gurl in like 21yrs.. yasss 21yrs! 😱😱😱 and was hoping baby @missnowhere would be the furst but to get shotdown by the person u rove </3

  • It has been a long time since i vented, and you don't even have to read this if you don't want to. Also, I'm going anonymous, because i sort of have a reputation to uphold.

    I haven't been truly happy in a long time. I'm not exactly sure why, i guess its a lot of things mixed together. First of all, i don't really feel loved by anyone anymore. I just feel "tolerated". I don't feel like i have any close friends, and my family has always treated me as if i was just there. I feel like if i was gone, nobody would even miss me.

    Secondly, I'm very insecure. VERRRRRRY insecure. I don't know if I'm attractive or not. I have posted a "How do i look" but answers ranged from 4 to 9. You might think its good that like 2 girls thought i was a 9, but i still wasn't happy because i still feel like I'll mever be enough to satisfy a woman. Even if i manage to attract a woman, all I'll ever be able to think about is "does she think he is hot" "why did she look at him" "am i good enough in bed"'"has she cheated on me" "does she want to cheat on me?" Etc. i doubt every things about myself. I don't feel attractive because i feel like i have a baby face, and my skin isn't clear, and i have a big nose, and I'm blonde (which apparently women don't like), and I'm slightky overweight even though i spent a year starving myself and lost 60 lbs., even though I'm strong, my muscle definition isn't very visable. I'm only 5'6, my penis is only 6 inches, my hips look too wide (at least to me) to the point where i can't even wear jeans because i hate the way i look in them. I fear that no woman will ever actually DESIRE me. She will just be settling for me.

    Third, i crave physical affection--which i don't get, from anyone. I just want to be hugged and kissed and held by a woman. I want her to run her fingers through my hair and tell me everything is ok. Which none of those things has happened to me by the way.

    Lastly, i have this crush. I don't know if she likes me or not, but its unlikely considering the way she insulted my teeth once before. She is normally a nice girl, and she is absolutely perfect to me. She is a goddess, and i long for her constantly. I may even be a bit obsessed with her. I get depressed because i just wanna be with her. But that's not to say that i wouldn't be happy with another girl, because i would. I would just have to get over my crush. I just want SOMEONE. It doesn't have to be her.

    Well i guess that's it for my little rant. But oh well it felt good to vent

    • I did read it all <3 , a little bit late because I haven't been on here in a couple of days, but I'm here and I care. It's okay, I can't criticise anyone for being Anon :') . Venting is encouraged on this post <3

      I'm really sorry that you're not feeling good, it sounds like you're having a very sad time right now :( . Not feeling close to anyone really sucks, I'm not surprised that it's dragging you down :'(

      'Attractive' isn't an objective thing, it just means you attract someone. I'm positive that there are plenty of people who find you attractive. Insecurities can make you feel like crap, I totally understand. I struggle with acne too so I really feel your pain there, for example. I think you're worrying way more than you need to though. Like your penis is 'only' 6 inches? Average is 5 inches, y'know.. Blonde hair can look really cute, as can a baby face.

    • I know being shorter can be a real hang-up for guys, but I think there are plenty of girls like me who don't really care how tall a guy is as long as he's taller than her (average girl height being 5'4).

      It seems like your weight is a real issue for you, and you may need to get some real help concerning how you see your body if you aren't already :/ . Starving yourself must have been horrible, I hate that you felt like you had to do that. Please never do it any more <3

      Almost everyone craves affection like that I think, I know I do. You deserve someone to love you and be there for you in that way so much. I really hope they are soon <3

      I'm sorry to say this.. But this girl sounds kind of mean if she insulted you :( . Maybe I'm protective 'cause you've been so honest on my post.. I don't want anyone to hurt you ever. I can't judge though of course.. I just really hope that you get to be happy with someone who treats you right. I'm on your side.

    • Thank-you for sharing all of this - it wasn't just a shout into nothingness, I care I promise. However useless that might be coming from some random girl on the internet.

      You are so important. Please never think that you're not. The world is being cruel to you right now, but you won't feel like this forever. I wish I could give you a hug and help you feel better :( . If venting on here helped even a little bit then I'm glad.

      I wish you the best of luck, fellow Anon friend, really <33