Do girls get turned off if a guy can't dance?

I was at my friend's birthday party last night and at some point they started playing latin music as I walked onto the dancefloor. I'm not very good at dancing to that kind of music, but I noticed a girl who positioned herself so that we could dance together, and so I tried to go along with it thinking I could get by since the alcohol made me brave. Big mistake haha. At first I was doing ok, I know this because she turned to her girlfriend and yelled "he can dance!" all excited, but then I quickly started to get lost trying to keep up with the music, and could tell that she was getting bored since she was looking around the room. It got so bad that she started showing me how to do my dance steps while counting haha.

I learned from this experience, but now I'm wondering: do girls lose interest or find a guy unnatractive if he's not that good at dancing?


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  • not at all, i can't dance that well lol, but i think it's fun for people to learn to dance together. take it as an opportunity and just have fun with it =] dont put any pressure on urself.


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  • That's why I usually point out I cannot dance whenever I meet any girl that has my interest XD

    • Yea, man. I was a little embarrassed but I figure oh well, at least I tried haha. I've also decided to practice basic dance moves in order to be better prepared next time.