So me an my boyfriend have been together for 4 years now an him an my sister have been close but know there to close they talk on the phone for hours?

She said he calls to vent to her like he's me he would rather be around her then me like he would drop me off then go see her to smoke but don't even tell me about it me she lies about seeing him an he lies about seeing her I have to hear it from other people that they where together then when I ask them they make up some lie saying they ran into each other an it was only for a min an the play fight an joke around but when they get mad at each other they argu an put me in the middle but the next day there fine there just to comfortable around each other is it just me or is something going on?


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  • Seems suspicious to me. You should tell your mum about it. When your sister gets grounded, she won't be able to see your boyfriend sneakily.

    • Funny but we're grown now so "mum" can't ground anyone any more!!

What Girls Said 1

  • Its weird.. smth is weird in all that its not normal.