Do people find it hard to respect someone without a University education?

I think that people are unbelievably mean AND rude to those without a University degree, or people like myself who don't go to prestigious Universities.


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  • Many successful people did not go to college or dropped out of college because they could make money in the real world i. e. owning their own business. The key is what you do with that education. I don't look down on people who don't go to college; I make fun of those who go and get an art degree.

    • I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, (an arts degree).

      From what I've seen, if you don't go to University for something truly technical, (like engineering), most degrees are anyways very replaceable with each other.

      The value in an Arts degree can be plentiful if you focus on the learning part of it: strengthens your language skills, makes you well-read, can have prospects for Law school, and if it's a degree like Psychology, truly useful in your every day life.

      I regret not pursuing an Arts degree to an extent.

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    • I did Business in University. It has a lot of technical courses, but it isn't comparable to a degree in Engineering.

      My tuition is fairly low, (University is not that prestigious and on top of it in my country in general education is low). But I can understand why that would be a reason for some to not choose that option as it is not practical for financing in most countries.

    • Business is still more applicable to the real world than art.

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  • I agree with you. I never once thought a person deserves more respect than another simply due to accomplishments and formal education status. Respect is earned just as much by being a good person. I think it's natural to give a respect to a hard-earned -accomplishment but in my opinion, it should be moreso due to the "hard-earned" feature moreso than the accomplishment itself. But it's true, sometimes that respect comes out of intimidation. It's human to feel some uncontrolled intimidation or admiration for something grand like a strikingly beautiful person or a really wealthy self made billionaire.

    My own father does this a lot, where he gives more value to educated people... and he ranks value in various degrees. It's a very shallow feature about him, but I know he has a special respect for education because it helped him rise up from poverty in his homeland. Still, I wish he was more respectful to everyone equally. Hard work in my opinion is one of the most admirable, respectable features out there... whether you're a mail man or famous movie producer.


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  • No I respect hard working people who work with their hands more than someone who studied math at a university and only does work with a pen. Without them we wouldn't have all these buildings. We'd only have people talking about building this buildings.

  • Maybe so, but its all about how you handle it. Meritocracy is a good thing. Just don't take anyone's shit. I switched from university to tech school. I know how you feel.


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  • No, I only find it difficult when the person represents him/herself as some arrogant, ignorant, sexist/racist/etc, whatever, poppycock. But that could be someone with or without a university degree.