Help , I had an old computer that crashed it was a dell purchased back in 2001. I can;t find an enclosure how can I access the hard drrive?

the model is ibm hard drive model DJSA-220. where could I find an enclosuer or is there any other way t o access the hard drive


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  • You can call their hotline and get more info on what you need to do

    • the hard drive is an ibm, hte computer is dell, who do i call?

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  • what enclosure are you talking about? I'm assuming since you know the HDD model number that you have taken it out of the PC?

    If it's the.. hmm.. metal case that houses the actual hard drive disks then your probably out of luck. If you want to info on the drive take it to a PC tech shop and ask if they can retrieve it and put it on another drive or flash drive or something.


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  • Depends, can you remove the HD? You can run it as a slave on your current desktop to access or get a HD adapter.