Have you ever attacked a street performer?

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do u believe 3rd video is actually set or is it me?


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  • Why ever would I do something like that?

    • I agree. All those people that attacked in those videos are the scum of the earth.

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    • Also have you heard of what some American's do with this rolling coal on people?

    • Thankyou for MHO :)

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  • First video: That guy that assaulted the singer is scum, I don't care if that guy was a bad singer it does not give anyone else the right to physically assault the guy. That guy that was singing could have been killed from that. The guy that assaulted him deserves whatever the court sees fit as his punishment.

    Second video: This guy is not as bad as the guy in video 1 or 3 because he did not actually physically assault the guy. However, he was still in the wrong and should be ordered to buy that guy a new guitar or what ever that thing is.

    Third video: That guy that assaulted that guy singing is scum. Physically assaulting the guy is wrong. He could have also been killed from that. Also it disgusts me that those people kept filming afterwards and did nothing to help the guy. Those people laughing are scum to that is no laughing matter. Those two blonde girls at 2:07 are really scum it is not funny. How would those blonde girls like it if this happened to them!

    • 1) actually readin some comments it seems like it was part of a commercial... so it was set... but yeah i agree about we shouldn't attack someone coz he/she's a bad singer...

      2) dis one must be real... and guy who was filmin must be his friend i guess...

      3) still i have some doubts if it's real or not... i mean how a bottle could HAPPEN to be there? and his friend was very calm when he had his head hit wid a bottle... normally if it was really he'd beat down black guy... so i can't tell...

    • 1. That is part of a bad commercial that should not be one TV in my opinion.

      2. Yeah it just does not give a person the right to destroy belongings.

      3. That guy could have been drinking out of that bottle. Yeah maybe you are right with it being set up. Still not a good thing to do though even if it is set up since he could have died.

    • Thank you for MHA

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  • No, but I remember I was kind of winding one up. He was a statue and I was just looking at him and trying to make him laugh. I then turned my back and walked away, without me knowing, he got off his pedestal and poked my ribs and I screamed so loud and he ran back and acted like nothing happened. It was pretty funny.
    I think next time, I'll ask for their number and see if they actually move/say something.

    • i'd never do it... but i wonder how they'd react if someone gave them a punch... ;p

  • Nope, I haven't.

  • No I have never come across one that bad. YET!


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