If god doesn't exist, how do you explain stars just randomly forming and exploding and humans coming from this gas in the long run?

giant balls of gas, And where is all this energy coming from?

If it came from a singularity explosion billions of years ago, how

That does not add up, surely somehting must be behind, the mysterious universe and these planets and gas giants that keep forming...


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  • basically you're saying it's too random to not be planned.

    That's actually a sound argument. Because IF the universe is infinite, then SOMETHING must be creating constanly. Or it's more shaped like a ball, in which case the laws of physics and all that is in for a rough time. If it's not, then the laws of physics is still in for a rough time, because suddenly it needs to explain the whole lot of nothing. But what's beyond that whole lot of nothing?
    And what was before big bang? That still seemingly defies the laws of physics.

    So SOMETHING seems alof with the whole explanation of "nothing exploded and became everything. then a whole lot of stupidly random stuff happened, and poof we have humans, and tigers, and everything else, and it SOMEHOW works together in balance."

    • not saying the biblical God exist, just saying there are to many loopholes in the laws of physics, and in the big bang theory (hell, even the big bang theory doesn't make sense in the end) to at current time be able to say exactly what's behind it all.


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  • You act as if Humans were meant to exist. Our existence is not certain, it's merely the result of a chain of events happen. If some random guy died in a bear attack 100 years ago I could have never existed.

    But here I will explain. Stars do not "randomly" form, they form naturally as hydrogen naturally condenses due to gravity. Eventually a Fusion reaction is started by the heat and weight of the mass starting a star. Throughout stellar generations different elements, including the carbon that would eventually become a part of you an me.

    As these stars reached the end of their lives they'd explode in supernovas spreading various elements throughout the universe. Then a planet forms, boom life pops into existence for whatever reason. Slowly life adapts to the changing conditions aboard this planet as it's environment changes. During a deforestation period in East Africa several million years ago primates begin to become bipedal as the need to see farther is there on the new Savannah. Eventually various species of primates begin to develop with enlarged brains and begin to use complex tools. One species, Homo sapiens dominates the Earth and creates an Industrial Civilization.

    That's a rough summary. There's better out there.

    • You do know, we did'nt came from the same primates that are here today, we just share the same similar ancestor

  • All that energy comes from fusion of hydrogen into helium. Scientists don't know why the Big Bang happened, or what the universe looked like before it, but it is theorized that it was some kind of permanent space-time anomaly. The difference is, our lack of knowledege is based on proof. Your lack of proof is based on nothing.

  • This may sound confusing but "nothingness" would also have to be planned

  • Just because you don't understand something does not mean there must be a wizard in the sky.

  • This is what Paul was talking about when he said we have no excuse, because even if we did not have God's Word (which we DO have), it is plainly obvious in all of the universe that we have a Creator. So all these numbskulls and hardheads who don't want to accept it as evidence, God is not going to tolerate their excuses come judgment day.

  • So there is a god and scientists have nothing left to learn? My best guess is we still know very little of our universe and we do know all the books of religion were written by man. Is there a god? I have seen no proof. Can I say without question there is none? No.