Should I send this to my vocal coach?

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Its a recording i made on this karaoke app. I don't know if its good enough, should i send it or make a new one?

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  • Voice is good
    But being a musician I should say you have a bit problems in up and down... i think you should choose some other song cause it's hard to hear you 😶 🎶 🎸

    • Thanks cutie
      by the way can you teach me anything?

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    • Tho once i was forced to sign a contract with this music label in my city but i was like "nope no. I dont want to be a singer"

    • Oh why you don't wanna be a singer😶?

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  • I'm torn, it is good but it might be the song that I'm stuck on. Don't get me wrong, I like Lana Del Rey but there are parts where your voice goes the lowest it can go anyways hard to hear you because it's hard to sing those lowest notes. Overall your voice is beautiful, maybe think more about where you take your breaths if you stick with the song. If you decide to do a different song I can suggest a bunch if you want to stay on the lower alto side of singing (I like to as well, I'm an alto and know a bunch of alto songs)

    • Yea i was smoking while recording that probably that why lol

    • Yeah that'll probably do it lol

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