Should I take dance 101?

In my college, they have a class for dance, well, they actually have many bit like with most classes, they require pre-requisites. I have no rhythm when it comes to that sort of thing but, I am a musician. I think that learning some dances, even if I don't have rhythm when it comes to dance, would really be attractive to women. I actually signed up for it a couple of semesters ago but found out that somebody who I don't like, was in it, so. I dropped it.

So, should I?

By the way, I don't need it as a credit, unless I wanted the 2000 level classes of it to count as credit. I only need 2000 level classes right now, to graduate. This would probably be just for fun, and would be free for me


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  • Well dancing can attract some women but it not is a sure fire. what kind of dance? i took ballroom to help with my balance. dance is a fun and a great work out of cardio. it will help with your health and that might be attractive. rake it as long as you will have fun. learning new things is always fun


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  • So long as it's in the name of bettering yourself then go for it. You will only win in the end.


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  • YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Learning how to dance in college has served me well.