Tips on parallel parking?

I am getting ready to take my driving test I just need to know how to parallel park.


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  • Get parallel to the car that's going to be in front of you. You should be right next to it.

    Slowly back up until the middle of your car is at the back of the other car. Turn as sharply as possible so that your car is turning toward the curb. (If the curb is on the right, turn the wheel right.)

    Once your car is at a 45 degree angle to the curb, straighten the wheel so that you're backing up straight.

    Turn the wheel sharply in the opposite direction than the first turn you made backing in. This will straighten your car so you're parallel to the curb. Use your judgment as to when your car will clear the one in front of you with that sharp turn.

    Tweak your exact position between the cars on either side of you and your distance from the curb by make small back-and-forth adjustments.

    Remember to use your turn signal when you take the test. Constantly monitor your position and move slowly. You'll have to make much sharper turns doing this than just about anything else you do while driving.

    Good luck.


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  • That's really hard to talk about without actually being behind the wheel of a car. I'd say maybe also practice just readjusting in the car. Like backing up and straightening out in a lot of different angles and stuff until you get really used to how the car moves so you're not only focused on the steps of parallel parking specifically and you feel confident moving the car in any type of maneuver.

    • OK I will try that I have a new car because a girl rear ended it and caused over 5,000 dollars in damage -____- so it is going to going to take a little bit of adjusting. Plus I had anxiety about driving for the longest time and had just gotten over it when she hit my car.

    • Oh man that's terrible. Sorry about your car! I guess it'll be good to really get used to this new one though. Just sit in an empty parking lot or something and move around backwards and forwards and making awkward yet precise maneuvers until you feel totally in control.


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  • Pull even with the front car. Turn the wheels. When the curb headlight of the car behind you is lined up with the middle of your back seat start to turn the wheels. WATCH the passenger fender of your car so it doesn't hit the front car.
    Try it a few times to see how much & how fast to do so.

  • Get a car with a backup camera

    • i wish i could do that but in my state i can't even take the test if my car has a back up camera. I dont think it would be too hard to parallel park my car since its pretty small.

  • Find somewhere else to park and it there


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