Is it just me, or are the people on your FB that You know IRL two different people online and off?

I am fb friends with people who never "like" my posts, but i know them in real life. In real life, they smile up in your face, but when you tag them, they ignore it. Isn't that being hippocratic? I even tag my boyfriend in some posts, but he'll ignore it. I'm beginning to think I'm just too unlikable.


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  • Social media is not everyones thing, I personally hate it. All the made up friendliness grinds my gears


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  • I think you just seem way more worried about social media than they are. My sister and a couple of my close friends ask each other to like one another's stuff so we don't seem unpopular haha I just think you care more about social media than your boyfriend and your friends do

    • I never thought about it that way lol