Unemployment - how does it work?

Long story short I'm in this awkward position where I've been at a job for a little over a month and I've already come to hate it. Half the staff is rude, the environment itself doesn't seem very good, I still haven't even been trained much (there's even a girl who started the same time as I did and knows everything and she even works less than me!), they ignore the fact I'm unavailable to work Sunday's and have put me on Sunday twice (I'm in a different city for college and go home on Saturday nights so I'm not in the area to work Sunday's), I hardly have time for my school work and overall I've deemed the job a lot more stressful than it should be coupled with school. I was originally going to hold off another month but I just can't stand working there that long.

Durning winter break (in a little over a month) I'll be going home and because of that plus my hometown thrives off tourism and most places are pretty dead around that time of year, I was thinking about applying for unemployment until next semester starts and I look for a new job.

would I be able to do this? How does unemployment work?


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  • Are you in the states? Here in the UK if you quit your job you can't go and get paid to bum about doing nothing.

    I doubt many benefit or welfare systems will let you claim if you have voluntarily given up employment.

    • That makes sense. And I am in the states.

      Granted I could probably get fired easily if I eat an extra French fry or something (my grandma apparently worked there and got fired for eating a sliver of cheese that fell from a sandwich she was making because it was out of habit) but I'm not going to do that.

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      I have but my last two jobs weren't even as remotely terrible as this one. I have to also think of myself and my schooling and this job isn't letting me sleep, eat, or even really letting me get my homework done in time or the study time I need.

    • No probs :)


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  • I'm on it right now. Well you can't quit a job just because you don't like it. You can only get on unemployment if you were laid off or in my case if you were fired for something that's not illegal or insubordinate. I got fired for not consistently meeting sales quota.

    You have to be looking for work in order to get it. It's nothing to brag about though nor should you rely on it. It's money coming in so you're not homeless and pay your bills at least.

  • Find way to make money on the internet. Staying in a job that you hate can make you ill.


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  • I'm not sure where you are from, but I know in Canada you have to become unemployed due to firing or lay off or some other reason. You may not qualify for unemployment if you quit your job. I would research this to make sure before you quit your job.

    If possible, I would start looking for a new job. It's okay to not like the job you are in now, it sounds like a horrid environment. But I would make sure you are either going to get unemployment or have another job lined up before quitting.

  • It works like this: you walk around looking for jobs you probably won't get and never have any money. =)

    • I'm able to get a job but I'm in an awkward predicament. That's why I'm looking into unemployment.

  • You have to be fired or have a good reason, like harassment or something, to quit

    • so none of my reasons are good enough? I'm still quitting. Why stay at a job that isn't for you?

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    • Aww, I don't blame you. Nothing worse than being miserable at work anyway, and yours sounds like a pit of hell. Google those laws anyway, maybe their refusal to train you may fall under reasons.

    • I will, thank you!

      My only other option is to see if my former job (which I left on good terms and they always allow their college students to work during breaks. We're first pick) but during winter the people who are there year round are lucky to get more than 1 day of work because it's so slow.