App like itunes?

do you know any apps like itunes ( like itube and playtube used to be) where I can download music and listen to it even with no internet? I can't transfer my songs to my new phone for some reason and I NEED them. I've already dowloaded like 10 apps but they all seem to need wifi 24/7 now.


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  • Er... you get MP3 music files however you like (rip them from CDs, download them from filesharing sites, use a Youtube-mp3 convertor site) and then you put them on your phone and then you use the phone's built in music player to listen to them.

    I don't think there's been many phones in the last decade that don't have the capability to play MP3s.

    • Its an iphone, but can i do direcly on my phone? Withought transferring from a comp?

    • I'm not aware of any way to get music into an iPhone's music collection without using a computer. Syncing up with a computer is kind of central to owning and using an iPhone. Unless you want to buy EVERYTHING from the iTunes Store, you're going to have to make some playlists in iTunes (or a third party alternative) and sync them onto your phone.

      Short answer is, you will need a computer at some point to do this.

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  • Try Download lite & TuneShell. First download songs from DL then copy them to TuneShell, it doesn't require wifi.


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  • Only way to do it without internet is to download the songs. The only "app" I can think of is mp3 skull which is a free mp3 download website. Amazon mp3 is what I use for regular music because I get unlimited music with a subscription to Amazon Prime.

    • IT's been deleted from app store or something 😓

  • Filemaster, Its like safari but yu can download music video rar... And you can listen music


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