Why do animals tend to like certain people? Have you ever had one seem to like you for no reason?

Why do animals tend to like certain people? Have you ever had one seem to like you for no reason?

I've always loved animals and I've been noticing for quite some time that they really, really like certain people. All the animals that I come into contact with seem to like me (even bugs are drawn to me, much to my displeasure). Random dogs and cats will come to me seemingly out of nowhere and pretty much force me to acknowledge their presence. Dogs will jump up on me, tail wagging, tongue out, looking at me like we're the best of buddies even though I've never seen them before. Dirty alley cats will twine through my legs and meow at me until I almost trip over them. I took my child to a petting zoo and a zebu let me pet him but stuck his enormous tongue all the way down my arm until he was basically licking my armpit and even when I cried out and jumped away it still kept trying to lick me. Not five minutes later a camel was nipping at my bum while we watched some pygmy goats play. The camel licked me too (a LOT) when I turned to look at him and as I pet him the owner said, "Aw, he wanted you to pay attention to him instead."
It's not just me that experiences this kind of thing frequently. I've met a few people who have too and they don't really know why either.
I'm just curious if anyone else has had things like this happen to them. Also, if anyone has any ideas on why this happens, I'd like to hear it. Thanks in advance.

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  • I guess animals feel if you are someone that they can trust. I mean, I've always had animals jump on me out of the blue.
    We were once staying at this villa on a trip. The dog from the villa was following us around. He started barking and approaching this smaller dog. All of the sudden from the bushes a big sheppard jumped up and charged towards "our" dog which came to me and was right at my feet. I though "oh, great, I'll get bitten, cause this dog is an idiot". The others in the group backed off. I stood there. When the sheppard got close to me , his whole body language changed and he calmed down... I was like "woa, what?"
    Again on a mountain road... bushes started moving... I first thought it's a bear or something so I started talking while backing off, so the bear knows I'm there.
    This big dog pops out of the bush and starts wagging his tail and he kept with me for the whole hiking :)
    With kids the same: They always jump on. Toddlers that just learned to walk want to climb in my arms... It's weird as I would usually simply avoid interaction with them cause I personally feel uncomfortable with children. But for some reason, they wanna be around and play and all. Went on holiday. This family was there with two children. When they left, they started crying cause they'll never see me again and didn't want to go in the car.
    I guess they have this 10th sense :P and feel something about people.

    • Kids seem to really like me too. I love kids though so it never made me really uncomfortable lol.

    • Guess you are a great person. I don't doubt that animals can feel if you are trustworthy or not. With children... the same. I believe that they can sense if you are someone that they can approach.

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  • As I know, animals sense if you are an animal lover and a good person or not.

    • Yes they sure can. Some people think animals are dumb but the truth is most animals are anything but dumb.

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    • @Applefan1
      For that to happen we need to get rid of the bad people and imply a law that protects animals.

    • Yes and Plam oil.


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  • I had a cat that was super attracted to me. When I got home from work he would hear my voice and call for me. He was the same for the rest of my family to really. Our cat was really loved and cared for and we were always gentle with him and that is why.

    • Our cat would also sleep with his body under the blankets and his head on the pillow to at night time when we where in bed as well as having full access to our beds anytime he wanted.

  • Animals, I think, have a sixth sense and generally can tell what type people are good. They can even sense the supernatural.

  • Yeah this seems to happen a lot to me when I was younger my mum bought a rabbit and it hurt anyone who went near it so one day when it escaped my mum told me to go get it to avoid being bitten again and I pick it up and it instantly goes calm and my mum just glares at the rabbit and says that it's mine now

  • It's probably because you don't 'read' the way they are used to. They can't tell if you are dangerous or hostile and they want a display of friendliness from you so they can feel more safe. That's why cats are commonly drawn to the one person in the room who doesn't like cats.


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  • Animals feel. They feel how much I love them, so they like me back.

    It happens with dogs mostly... Well, they're quite common.. And I hate cats, don't ask me why because I don't know