If your car goes backwards, are you downhill or uphill?

When I put my car on N gear (neutral) to check which way it rolls in order for me to determine if I am on a downhill slope or uphill slope (hard to tell some places in my town), and it goes backwards, am I on a downhill or uphill? Which way do I turn my steering wheel?


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  • I feel like this is a troll question. Anyway, You're car is facing up hill; thus, it rolls backwards. Depending on what side of the curb you are on, you should turn the wheel so that the back of the tires will touch the curb. If the curb is on the right side, turn the wheel to the left, if the curb is on the left, turn the wheel towards the right.


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  • It means you are uphill and you have to turn your steer to the left until the tires touch the curb.


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  • Your on an uphill if your car roles backwards while in neutral. Meanwhile, you should Google "Magnetic Hill" (in Moncton, New Brunswick is the one I am thinking of).

    • Not a troll lol, just really bad with cars!
      That helped tons, thank youu!

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