I'm spot bleeding light pink blood since yesterday, but I KNOW it has nothing to do with pregnancy. Please help?

I'm not pregnant because I haven't had sex since may 2015. I haven't had my period since May 8,2015 due to stress. Now, as of two days ago I'm suddenly seeing light pink spotting. Believe i am happy to see it because it's been so long. But usually my periods become darker on the second day of light pink bleeding. Could something be wrong or should i just "go with the flow"?


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  • Usually when I stress it delays or makes it come faster by a week or two but your fine. Your body just changing , before I had depression and somehow fixed my period :cycle. And there's been times where I've spot 3 days or so then stopped and then my period came. If your not pregnant don't worry about it lol

  • Go with the flow