Im not satisfied with men?

I know what your thinking, im not a lesbian. Im just having problems with my insecurity and its allto do with guys.
I dont feel like a women, I dont feel respected enough, I can't get close to the men in my family. Im shy. My dad betrayed me. I just starting to date but my family doesn't like him. My granddad put me down when he's able too. How do I gain trust and love back into men?


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  • Slowly. . . with the right guy. . . with many good experiences. . . and taking a chance by opening your heart to someone else.


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  • Will happen naturally when you meet the right people. I been with girls who certainly had their fair share of "daddy issues" or just problems with me in general. They seemed to overcome a lot while with me anyway and I think they got a new perspective on life. In either case, its only good if you dont put up with people who dosent respect you, this you should do regardless of gender. Just continue to be true to yourself, fill your life with more good or more people you like or can hang around with and it will all fix itself really.

  • Don't worry about the men in your family. You don't marry or sleep with them and one day they will all be dead. So, what you need to focus on is your happiness and that means finding a guy that makes you happy no matter what they think. After all, after they are dead, you still have your husband.


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