If you believe in God, how do you answer questions about why he allows bad things to happen? I'm not asking to start an argument, i'm really curious?

And i'm not speaking in terms of small tragedies happening. I mean when children are born into starvation, children have cancer and die from it at a very early age. If you believe that God has an impact on what happens here then how do you answer questions about why God allows that to happen?

I actually believe in God but i'm not religious, I don't think God is an all knowing/all loving God and I don't follow the bible, i'm more of a spiritual person and base my beliefs around my personal experiences. I don't believe that God has any impact on us here.

I'm not asking just to start an argument, i'm just really curious what your reasons/explains are when this question comes up?


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  • 1. " . . . why he allows bad things to happen?" Like people dying? That is bad from the perspective of the survivors who remain here but our mortal life is a mere twinkle of a star compared to our eternal existence. For the departed, they now rest in a better place.

    2. God gives us free will so that out lives have meaning. Free will necessarily carries with it the experience of bad consequences.

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    • @Gem45 I understand that you are asking why God gives us free will, since it can be used to make awful decisions. But that is the essence of free will and the only means by which we prove our worth as good humans. The harm that is done may seem horrible to us, but I think it passes in the twinkle of a star for God.

      Also, we ALL have our crosses to bear. While you are focusing on the obvious ones which get the most conversation and sympathy, even privileged people have demons which torment them, but perhaps you do not see that.

    • I am not asking why God gave free will. I am asking how real you actually believe free will is?

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  • Yes, I believe in God. Bad things happen because God allowed us all to have free will. Free will means that we have the choice to do either good or bad things. God has given us the power to choose as we please. Unfortunately, many people severely abuse and mistreat that power.

    • I agree with you in that respect but I was talking more along the lines of children who are born into starvation and with cancer, things like that.

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    • One may not be able to precisely change the physical appearance they are being mistreated for but they have the free will to love themselves regardless, stand up for themselves, and defend themselves.

    • That is absolutely true, but the reason I do not think free will comes into play all the time is when you look a certain way and you cannot change it. Sure you can accept yourself and others can chose to accept you. But it's not free will when you cannot change how you look, it is not free will even when you don't out loud judge somebody but when you look at them, the immediate thought is about their physical appearance. It is also not free will even when you are able to control your emotions, but inside you know how you really feel.

      I also want to add, that most people do not choose their religion but most do. And for some they have no choice but to follow the one they were born with. That is not exactly free will either.


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  • I believe in God but in my system God is self limiting. He never defies the laws of physics, for example. He goes about influencing the world in more subtle ways, principally through those of us who believe. When something had happens, God is not involved. It just happened. God would never send a child out in front of a car, for example.

    • Well how does God only have a positive influence on the world and not a negative one?

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    • Thanks, I might check it out when I get time, I love reading.

    • Also Why Bad Things Happen to Good People by Rabbi Kushner.

  • I'm not religious but I have a spiritual side and a scientific side.

    Much if not all of what we know about God comes from a book (the bible) that someone has written. And we are suppose to follow that.

    In the Bible God a perfect being. But tell me this... Is a perfect being able create something imperfect? My answer is only if he intentionally wanted us to be imperfect. So he would already know that Adam & Eve would eat that apple. He would know what wars we would create. So why would he punish us for not being perfect.

    They say that he already knows what is going to happen. So whatever horrors happen he lets us do these things. And understand that with his powers he could easily have created us in such a way that we would not do all of these terrible things to each other.

    Maybe God is not what we think he is. But whatever he is he hasn't got the control or he lets us do what we want to do. So I say he put us there to be human and become whatever we become. Regardless whether it's good or evil.

    • Awesome way of thinking about things :)

  • Im more a science guy but ill try to answer your question

    The reason is because once you create humans and the universe we live in, your not to interfere with our natural course of life. We must be allowed to live our natural course of life and bad thi gs will be a part of it

    You have to also question what do you really mean by 'bad'. Bad is just relative because you 'think' you know what 'good' is. Who says the bad is actually bad in the grand scheme of things

    • Thank you, that's honestly how I feel, I feel like God doesn't interfere. I was just curious about what others thought.

  • Gods or a God don't have to be merciful and nice I think that's a common misconception lots of people have if you look at in greek mythology lots of the gods abused their power's and were arrogant assholes take Zeus for example he had many wives or whatever and would treat them like shit. Even in the bible, Quran, Torah whatever God is very vengeful and opposite of merciful. Religion really makes me sick I am agnostic but to be honest I put more of my faith into science than some book that would let a prophet who has sex with a child go into heaven or a book that says your past family generations sin's from 3 off springs back are your sin's as well forget which exact verse it was in the bible but it was Exodus chapter 32

    • That's true, i've always thought Gods that weren't good were so fascinating lol it's amazing what power can do to someone, even people.

    • Yeah lol I mean to be honest if anyone had that much power as what the bible, torah or qoran claim they would probably abuse that power too. And why would god care about something so small as us? There are 100 billion galaxies in the universe I seriously doubt a god would answer your prayer's. Its really annoying when athletes especially pro fighter will talk about how god helped them win that fight like they will say something along the lines of "I could only have won this fight through the power of god and Jesus my savior" lol its like I doubt god would care enough to help you win a seemingly pathetic fight that doesn't even matter and the only reason you wanted to win that fight was to feed your own ego. LOL

  • There are many reasons... mainly that this is what is required so that free will is possible. There are plenty of resources on Earth to feed everyone and yet so much of the world goes hungry while a small percentage is wildly overfed.

    What you want God to hit the fat cats with a thunder bolt? He's busy.

    • That was the only answer I could possibly wrap my mind around honestly. I thought if God performed miracles every single day on everyone in pain, then wouldn't that impact our free will when it comes to believing in him?

      "There are plenty of resources on Earth to feed everyone and yet so much of the world goes hungry while a small percentage is wildly overfed."

      That's a good point as well.

      I don't blame God for anything because I don't think he has an impact on earth, good or bad. I just can't accept that he does, with all of the bad that is allowed, so I was just curious if anyone could make me think differently honestly lol

    • Yeah, I'm more of the opinion that if he did create the Earth he did so and then left it alone. I guess we agree pretty much.

  • Truth is, if you determine your own set of rules by saying God is or isn't such and such, then it's up to you why he does or doesn't do whatever.

    I follow the King James Bible, so if ya want to know what it says I'll tell ya, otherwise it's up to you what you believe.

    • "Truth is, if you determine your own set of rules by saying God is or isn't such and such, then it's up to you why he does or doesn't do whatever."

      That's a good point too but I feel like religion and the bible is clouded by people and their interpretations, I would just rather define them by my personal experiences with God and not other peoples.

      "I follow the King James Bible, so if ya want to know what it says I'll tell ya, otherwise it's up to you what you believe."

      I'm curious what it says?

    • In short, God allows suffering to show us what pain is and to drive us to seek him. People are quite naturally apathetic, if we don't have a reason to do something, often we won't do it, so if there were no pain, we would have no reason to seek relief from it.

      The ability to cure others is something that I believe exists in us all, but without that close connection to God, we just don't know how. Believe me or don't, I have cured my own pains and such before through prayer. I've only removed someone elses pain a few times.

      This site has it written well.


  • Yes I believe there's a god , and the answer is that's earth not heaven and he told us that it will be bad and hurtful sometimes that's why he made heaven

  • What about when he answers prayers, in the form of medicines? Cures

  • if we suppose he is omniscient isn't he gonna be the wisest there is? well His wisdom by far surpasses ours. what you see as suffering in His timless plan can be an easy ticket to heaven.

  • It's simple, if he exists he's a prick.

    • I've thought that too as well lol still do sometimes but I still believe in God, i've went back and forth on the subject my entire life, now i'm just honest about it. I think it's ok to question everything, even a God, not sure why so many think it's so offensive.

    • Do you believe that the God you believe in is good?

      I think human's flaws are forgiveable, you can have an antihero who has his (or her) faults but at the end of the day there a good person. Whereas for an omnipotent being, (s) he doesn't even need to lift a finger to make things better, yet chooses not to.

    • I believe we were made/created most likely but he doesn't have any impact on us, good or bad. I don't believe in hell, I don't believe that every single thought and action is a sin. I'm very open to every possibility though and I know I could be completely wrong lol. I just go from my personal experiences/feelings. I just feel like there's something after life.

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  • I guess the universe needs to balance itself out.
    Old people say that young people die because God wants more angels in heaven...
    I suppose it's their way of coping.

  • God is not a fairy god mother and you will not get everything you want. People think *if I pray ill get what I want* nope! fod allows bad things to happen because without bad, there is no good. Vice versa

  • Everything happens for a reason