Strong names for a male lead/protagonist?

I am writing a screenplay for a class, and its about an orphan boy, who grows up to become a police officer, with strong morals and values but is forced to compromise on them. i am looking for a strong name.
It takes place in chicago. He is African American. and 30 years old.


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  • Channing <3

    • like channing tatum?
      i think of channing tatum which isn't good

      any other suggestions?

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    • you're welcome :) It is a great name!

    • thanks :) happy writing!

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  • Probably dosent fit your character and everything, but I always liked Tanu. Just a random name I made up myself, but I learned later it is an indian name and also a name of an alien specie in a book. If anything its certainly a more rare name if you are looking for something more unique.

    • thank you for the suggestion
      i might incorporate it in some other writing.

    • Welcome :). And cool :)

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