Why haven't they notice?

This is my third time hurting myself and no one has notice I've been in pain for a year now why don't they notice I'm in pain?


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  • Most times when people don't notice your pain, it's because they're dealing with their own painful problems and aren't so observant


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  • You can't expect everyone to be a mind reader.


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  • Because acknowledging you "hurting yourself" only reinforces that immature behavior. If you get a reaction to it, then you'll keep doing it and no one wants that, so they ignore it. Please grow up.

    • I just want yo feel ok again you don't know the hell I've been in just from last year

    • You're not even 18. While I am sure that you've been through difficult times, just wait until you are on your own and have to experience REAL fears and troubles... Like losing your job and unemployment running out so you might end up on the street because your car and home are repossessed. Or, one of your kids is born with a heinous birth defect that will cost countless hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills to give the kid something like a normal life; of course, that destroys the college funds for your other kids as well as any retirement funds.

      In the adult world, the answers aren't in the back of the book, sometimes the bad guys win, and Hollywood endings like Captain Kirk getting beamed-up just in time do not happen. Nature has no sympathy for you whatsoever.

      In time, you will feel better, but "hurting" yourself won't accomplish that and only makes it worse. Google "Amber Nicole Hardester"; she'd be happy to trade places with you.

What Girls Said 2

  • Stop hurting yourself now!!

  • Oh dear, I wish I could give you big ass hug right now...