Thoughts on the Canadian election?

I am really happy with the result! Justin Trudeau is our new prime minister! Stephen harper covered for corrupt conservative party members, was openly racist, deceieved Canadians about the keystone pipeline, and supported crack head former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Many older people are upset about the change because Harper pandered to the older generations... at expense of younger people. But I think this is a welcome change, Justin is very honest and encouraged a corrupt Liberal part member to step down as soon as he found out, insteading of covering and lying which I appreciate. He holds views that represent what Canada is supposed to be and is known for, and I feel like I can be proud of my country again. Harper was a shameless bigot in my opinon.
I am also really happy about the voter turn out this election, young people got out and voted even more and I am really proud of that. Everyone at my university really pushed eachother to vote this election!
Who did you vote for? (or who would you vote for if you are not Canadian?)

Thoughts on the Canadian election?

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What Guys Said 6

  • I was delighted with the outcome. This really feels like a new day for Canada. It's nice to have a PM people can be excited about. Even before he became PM, Harper always struck me as kind of a joke. The newspaper front-page wrapping adverts for the Tories day before yesterday were a last straw, I thought. I'm not a big fan of political dynasties but I'm hoping for the best with Trudeau.

    • Yeah that's basically how I felt about Harper too, and I think Justin Trudeau is very very different than his father. I'm looking forward to some positive change... and for my generation to stop being walked all over haha.

  • Canada has elections? Thought they had a Queen or some shit.

  • Steven Harper was at least honest about Canada's ridiculuosly bad fianancial situation. Trudeau's economic policy, on the other hand, is ridiculous to say the least.

  • Just to be sure, you're not nude in your profile pic, are you?

  • I wanted Mulcair... But at least Harper is out.

  • lol nobody cares about Canadian election lol

    • I guess nobody cares about education in the United states either. Sad.

What Girls Said 5

  • I am happy with the results as well.
    I don't immerse myself too much in politics,
    but my father met Trudeau personally,
    and he said that he is a modest man and felt that
    he genuinely cares about the country.

    Only the future can tell if it is a happy result though. ^-^

  • I voted for Trudeau too! Glad he won the election!

  • Didn't vote because I'm not Canadian. :) I am an active voter in the U. S. though.

    • Judging by your picture you'd like our new prime minister he's very serious about women's healthcare and planned parenthood!

    • Yeah, based on your description of him I believe I would've voted for him. :D

  • As much as I hate Stephen Harper's racism I thought infecting young children with marijuana was even worse so I voted Harper (out of hatred for marijuana) - I do NOT support stephen harper's racism.

    • weed will much harder for "young children" to get when it is legalized it will be hidden behind counters with cigarettes and it will be regulated and taxed by the government. It will be safer too, when people buy weed off the streets it could be spiked with actual dangerous drugs like coke and god knows what! When people buy weed that is regulated by the government they will just be getting the plant and no hard drugs or dangerous fillers mixed in. Weed will not be as readily by criminals on the streets anymore, people will have to be over 18 to get a hold of it now. PLUS if you hate weed and people who use it so much why wouldn't you want them to be taxed up the ass? YOU will benefit from their tax money because weed will carry high tac costs. Harper just wanted to leave weed in the hands of criminals who can give it to anyone they want even young kids. Now it will be harder for criminals on the street to get it and anyone under 18 won't be able to get it anymore either.

  • Nope. I'm Conservative through and through. Oil and gas is what keeps my province going. Very disappointing. when you have a family , Liberal is not an option in my opinion.

    • I'm from Alberta too (I assume you mean Alberta) Harper constantly threw my generation under the bus, I'll be stuck in student debt for years and you are lucky you come from a generation that could afford to get a house and raise a family. Mine certainly won't be able to, I can work my ass off in university and in my career but I will still likely never own a home or be able to raise a family comfortably, and THAT is the legacy Harper has left behind. So be thankful for what you have, my generation will struggle and struggle just for a chance at what you have.