Do you think relationships are necessary in nowworld?

I've never had a girlfriend but idon't think it's necessary in 2015 I mean you won't be free as always traveling will be much easier alone without a girlfriend and kids and you have your own place and your own bed and you can do what you want whatever you want is this true?


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  • You don't NEED a relationship, but it is nice to have. You give up some things, maybe, but it is worth it for the right person.


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  • Well if you can feel loved enough by yourself that you literally don't need anyone in your life to be close to you then sure, it is your own choice, after all.


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  • Know a guy who had never been in a relationship but Messed with a lot of women his whole life. Successful guy and all, he's about in his mid 50's.
    He's now quite the lonely guy sleeping with random women, admittingly wished he settled down with a woman when he was younger.
    I guess you'll get to some point where you just want to settle down.

  • The reasoning behind being in a relationship are quite different. Based on what you enlisted, you don't understand what a relationship is.
    No, they aren't necessary, in fact, relationships never were necessary.