Does someones race determine if they get hired or not?


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  • It does in just about every country in the world except the West. I know right now that Japanese people are denied jobs in China because the Chinese hate the Japanese., and they have Chinese people do English signs and materials because they would rather give an English job to Chinese, rather then a native English speaker (who is usually white). I know that in Africa a lot of people are discriminated against because of their ethnic background. In Eastern Europe Russians are preferred over non Russians when getting jobs in Russia. But in the west we have laws against that which are actually enforced, so it rarely happens compared to the rest of the world. Stop worrying about it and consider yourself lucky, if your any race but white you have a lot better chance getting a job in the west then I as a white person ever would in most of the world.

    • I am white. I keep getting denied. I live in the USA. Im not racist but it appears others are in the working world.

    • Oh ya reverse racism? I've seen this before, some cities provide incentives for employers to hire blacks which means they prefer to hire blacks over whites which is racist. I've seen this before, its stupid. As a white, its more acceptable for an employer to discriminate against you. We as whites dont have organizations defending us. My family is Irish, the Irish were also oppressed by the British, and many were enslaved, but we dont get the same benefits as the blacks because of our skin color, thats totally racist, my family was enslaved too. When the blacks were being brought to America my family was probably starving to death in the same fashion they were, only they were in Ireland. Now I am considered in the same boat as every other person of European descent, who have white privilege, even though my family never had such a thing, because we were as poor as Africans or Chinese, even after we came to the US, we just have the same color skin as the rich people so it doesn't matter.

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  • I don't know if this happens in other countries, but it happens here. My mother told me about a girl who wasn't hired because her skin was too dark.
    If she was lighter or white, she would a have a chance of getting hired.
    It's sad and unfair, but it's how things work.


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  • Yes lool even in the west sadly. I got a job at tim hortons easily (no interview/resume) just cause majority of the staff was my race. Many other places which offer minimum wage are like that but the top level jobs which include yearly salaries most likely aren't like that.


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  • in a company with extremely biased and sneaky staff, definitely. other than that, not at all.