What kind of mental problem he has?

There is this boy in class and everyone really wants to know what kind of mental problems he has. He's in the resources class and he seems normal, until you will be around him. Like, he's extremely smart (in math, he's only smart with a calculator). He would talk to himself, but this isn't your normal talking to yourself. Everyone believes he's basically thinking stuff in his head, but saying it out loud. He always does this hand rubbing thing. He rubs his hands together really quickly and he ends up smiling hard. Speaking of smiling hard, he always smiling creepily and making mumbling and murmuring sounds to himself. He's quick too, he always get up and walk fast. What's wrong with him? Anyone professional?


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  • I'd need more details, but sounds like he's on the autism spectrum. People on the spectrum tend to not recognize/understand social norms/cues, and do things called "stimming" (short for stimulating) behaviors to calm themselves or help themselves concentrate, often these are things like rocking back and forth, making random noises, hand flapping, hand rubbing, or hitting their heads. I'm actually trained as a clinical therapist (hence the anonymity)


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  • Maybe Austistic?


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  • don't need to label him. He sounds really smart

    • How's that labeling? I just basically said what kind of problems he has, so I can help him with it.