How do I shave without razor or wax?

I'm a little too scared, shy, to ask my mom to buy me a razor... i want to use sizzors but what if an accident happens... any suggestions?

i have pretty much abush but its fun to braid xD


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  • I always use shampoo or conditioner shaving it's wonderful on the skin and moisturises too

    • You may just ask for a proper razor trying a blade or scissors could be dangerous

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    • @jjmarvin oh it's the highlight of my weekends lol

    • she doesn't think its weird she just doesn't want me to shave she thinks the hair i have growing is cute but she lets my sisters shave..

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  • Just ask her for razors? It's ok, you don't have to be embarrassed. You don't have to tell her what you're shaving lol. If she says no tell me how the conversation went and I'll help you out :)

    Never ever EVER use scissors!

    • its long enough to use scissors but when it gets short is what im worried about and i
      told her i wantedto shave my mustache i have groing but she's like "no its cute please dont" and won't let me get one i dont like it i have a jaden smith mustache

    • Tell her you're old enough to start shaving and making decisions about your own fashion and grooming. Do you have a sister that shaves her legs? Use that as a defense. Just be like "why is it not ok for me to want to feel attractive? Your halting me from growing up, it's smothering"

      If all else fails buy some with your own money. Or see how much the razors you want are (i suggest those disposable lady ones with the lotion on em) and ask for that money for something else that's believable. Or skip lunch a couple days and buy some.

    • my sisters shave all the time, usually when they buy razors i steal one from them but they stopped buying them because they noticed my facial hair dissapearing

      so they dont buy them and when they do they hide them or dont tell me,
      because my mom thinks it looks cute on me

      this is why i wish my dad was here


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  • Rofl. U'll get plenty razor cuts ur first time around... But u needa shave. U'll learn. Gets easier... Just ask her, or ur dad for some money if it's that embarrassing. Make up an excuse.

    • eh
      the only excuse i could have without being embarrassed is with my mustache i have a baby face and it makes me look weird

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  • Look down on your crotch. Focus really hard, you habe to hear the voice within yourself. Then when you are ready say "FUS RO DAH!!!" And it shoukd go away. It's like my last resort method.

  • i guess tweezers but it would take a while

    • ow tweezers look like they hurt...
      and yes it would for me..

  • You feel shame about buying it? Buy an electric razor and ask a present wrapping.

    • no i just feel ashamed about them knowing i want one

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    • best idea yet but
      it would be weird buying someone a razor.. unless its in a box and wrapped already

    • Christmas is near, nobody will think anything about it.

  • I use shaving foam and razor it makes life easier , just get some alright

    • i might have to pay a friend to buy one for me and bring it to me at school but id have to make 1 first and they'd have to be a good enough friend lol i dont have friends because im new to the school i go to