Is socialism a dirty word?

With Bernie Sanders running for president the topic of socialism gains a fresh look in america. Curious to see if a new vanguard shares the views of its predecessor. If you comment could you state your nationality for a global look on socialism.

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  • Socialism is not a dirty word Americans just don't know what it means.
    The Cold War really screwed with Americans heads making them think that socialism = evil without questioning what the true definition was.

    • Cold war was Communism. It changed to socialism after the fall of the USSR

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    • @dartmaul15 So you guys just replace insurance with taxes?
      That's smart.

    • well, if you do the math you'll find it replaces more than just insurances. For example it reduces the cost of uni (because the prizes are somewhat government controlled, and instead they get government funding if they meet a certain standard), provides cheap loans to students, free healthcare (free for the minimum of treatment. "luxury treatments" still need to be paid by the individual), and so on.

      Basically instead of paying for those basic things when we need it, we pay taxes. All in all, you probably pay more in taxes than you end up costing the state. BUT it has one advantage; if things go to hell, they'll still help you out. Because you're a citicen in a wellfare state, and the point of the system is that everyone contribute, so that if things go bad for one, we can help him back up again.

      Sure, some are better off than others, but the point is to ensure you got a minimal standard that's affordable and decent. And everyone help out, because you know the others will help you

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  • To the majority of Americans it is.

    "Ooh, a socialist, that's bad. I don't really know what it means. But it's bad... and Hitler and Communism. The end."

    I voted yes, because generally it IS a dirty word.


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  • Bernie's "democratic socialism" is simply breaking up the severe income inequality we see that ills the US, in order for capitalism to work optimally.

    Hard to have a moving consumer economy when 1% holds most of the income and wealth. Which is why we've experienced anemic economic growth lately.

  • The problem with socialism, is that people are trusting the government to tax and manage even larger amounts of money, when they don't even use the money they currently have responsibly. No one outright tells you they are scamming you. I live in a blue, democratic state, you know how much bullshit they sell us and never deliver on? I've been hearing this income inequality rant for ages, and you know what has changed? Nothing. The income tax here was meant to be temporary, it's permanent. Social security was supposed to take care of our seniors, it doesn't. Our seniors are one of the poorest groups. Medicare and Medicaid was supposed to provide healthcare for our seniors, and we have seniors loosing their homes due to medical costs. These are all government programs we all pay into, but they always have gaps and exceptions that weasels them out of paying their obligations. The government works hand in hand with the corporate interests of any country, why do you think the 1 percent controls the vast majority of wealth? You really believe they don't use their influence to affect government policy? So when Bernie Sanders promises wealth redistribution or free college, I know it's not happening. First, they will secure more tax income for these "programs". Then, the programs always need either more income, or the benefits have to cut. The rationing always happens. Social security isn't even solvent, and your talking about free college for 2 years? Yeah I might believe that.

    • A good quote I read:
      "Socialism lives in Britain, but only for the rich: the rules of capitalism are for the rest of us. The ideology of the modern establishment, of course, abhors the state. The state is framed as an obstacle to innovation, a destroyer of initiative, a block that needs to be chipped away to allow free enterprise to flourish. "I think that smaller-scale governments, more freedom for business to exist and to operate – that is the right kind of direction for me," says Simon Walker, the head of the [British] Institute of Directors."

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    • By the way, those health insurance plans don't pay 100 percent of your health care costs. Bronze level plans pay 60 percent, silver pays 70 percent, gold pays 80 percent, and platinum pays 90 percent. So not only are you left with 40 to 10 percent of your healthcare costs, but some of funding may come from a health savings account, not the health insurance company. People don't pay attention to the details, they pay attention to the sales pitch. Insurance had always been a shady industry.

    • has always been*

  • I have been born in a former socialist country. While in theory it sounds nice, it is completely impractical and dysfunctional for many reasons.

    People who believe socialism works or is even an alternative are simply naive and lack a grasp of reality.

  • Do I think socialism is a dirty word? No but I DO think it's used by politicians to shutdown all rational conversation.

    "You're a socialist!!!"
    "Are you going to debate my points?"
    "cool story bro."

    • Its up there with communist, nazi, fascist, and any other dismissal terms.

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    • Logical fallacies behind socialism?

    • @northeast106 nah logical fallacies using that argument style.

  • Americans haven't much experience with socialism.
    Europeans know it comes in various kinds, from social democracy like in many EU and Scandinavian countries to 100% Stalinism or Maoism (USSR, China, N Korea, Vietnam).

    • We have plenty of government run programs. Every economy in this world is a mixed economy.

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    • @Northeast106 "The government takes the pie, and gives us crumbs." Indeed, but that pie doesn't stay in the government: it goes to the big corps: "corporate welfare" Listen to Eisenhower's last official address:

    • It does. I guess the point I'm making is that whether you call something socialist, or capitalist, or a free trade agreement, the details in those policies or legislation usually do not benefit the public. The system is designed to ration our wealth, to keep us working and in debt, and it works to protect the status quo.

  • It's not a dirty word, it just that most American don't know what it means and that their are different forms of socialism and automatically associate it with communism.

  • Has never worked once.

  • The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money... and the working class gets tired of supporting the others.

    Simple example--the vast majority of hispanic immigrant families with children are on some form of welfare.

    Coincidentally, Trump has 32% in the polls based on deporting illegals and having balls.

    • I doubt 30 out that 32% could give a definition of socialism. Let alone name a single Socialist country.

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    • These articles should answer most of your questions. My income tax was never affected. But the failed tax break system has effectively raised my overall taxes. My tags and taxes have increased, my sales tax has increased. Leaving myself and the vast majority of Kansas worse off. School Funding cuts, infrastructure cuts, tuition increases.

    • Teachers leaving your state as well.

  • Socialism = communism.
    Failed social experiment of XX century that never succeeded in anything apart from stealing money from rich, dividing it all to the poor, and after they spent it all, everyone got poor, dissolute and hungry. Former USSR and all eastern European countries are great example how socialism destroys people and countries.

    • There are several forms of socialism. We already practice socialism to some extent in America.

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    • I don't think that would pass a fact check bruh but ok I agree to disagree :)

    • Socialism is not the same as communism. True communism is an utopian society, no country in the world was ever really a "communist country" because in communism - there are no states or government, no social classes, no money and no private property.
      In socialism - we had all of these things, although, the social classes were less distinguishable compared to social classes in capitalist society.

  • Ahhhh socialism it burns ( kidding, kidding ) it is and it isn't a dirty word here depending on who you ask.

  • Yes that is very much a dirty word here in America!

    Don't you dare curse at me, Asker!

  • To most Americans it is and the way many use it shows they don't really have any idea what it is.

  • I think a little is good so not one % controls most of our country, as they are like kings to everyone else, the 99%.

  • Socialism is only a dirty word in America. Thank you, Jewish-owned media.

  • Socialism hasn't improved with age.

  • Limited socialism is a good way to balance out of control capitalism and create more income equality.

  • If American government fails to help its own people, then they have no business budding their noses in foreign affairs that have absolutely nothing to do with them.