Which would hurt more: someone liking you but not wanting a relationship or that they don't like you at all?


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  • Not liking me at all would definitely hurt more, because it would mean I am not good enough for them.

    • Or nothing personal, you're just not their taste or what they're looking for. Ever see a pretty girl, but for some reason you're not attracted to her? It can be that too.

    • @Ferretman21
      Not being attracted to someone obviously means I feel they are not good enough for me in the looks department, although this is never stated explicitly. Looks are subjective, anyway.

      If someone doesn't like me, and they are currently not seeing someone else, it obviously means in SOME way, they feel I am not good enough for them. It can be looks, money, education, social status, intelligence or anything else, but they consider me inferior in SOME way.


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  • I could just not care about someone not liking me but if they liked me but didn't want to take it anywhere, I would start asking why. I mean, what do they then get out of this whole thing? Are they just stringing me along?

  • The first. Its like seeing the finish line but collapsing and not be able to cross it.


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