Is there anyone who is british?

hello! I am not native and also not British. I am studying English literature and ı am going to make a presentation about Transcendentalism or Realism as literary periods but whenever ı search for realism its all American realism and I would be greatful if you can suggest me a source that ı can find information about realism or transcendentalism in English lierature. thank you in advance

you blocked me from answering ı guess ı hope you can see my answer from here : firstly thank you for answering and sorry about that ı just couldnt find a good source and ı thought you guys would know a website that can help. I mean ı am turkish and I know websites that ı can find very helpful about turkish literature because it was a lesson that we had to take and I thought it is same for you. anyways so sorry about bothering .


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  • I'm English though I have no idea what your talking about haha


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  • So you're basically asking us to do all the basic research for you. No, thank you. That is something you ought to do on your own.