Can you tell what's my body shape using these measurements?

Bust- 35
Hips-39 :/
height - 5'6
am I a pear or hourglass :/?
I like being a banana shape bz I would look good in jeans and T. shirt but with my actual body i dun really feel comfortable bz after wearing the outfit, I transform into a Halloween pumpkin :/.

  • pear O. o
    20% (1)11% (1)14% (2)Vote
  • hourglass o. O
    40% (2)44% (4)43% (6)Vote
  • I came here thinking there will be a picture. #___#
    40% (2)45% (4)43% (6)Vote
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  • Being that your bust is only like 10% less than your waist, I'd lean more towards hourglass

    • Thanks, I usually get confused when seeing me the mirror!

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