Do people that are obsessed with politics need to get a life?

If just the thought of the other Party makes your blood pressure go up you have issues.


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  • Considering it effects such important aspects of our lives I can understand why people get so involved, and with politics you really can't know too much. Constantly talking about it when others genuinely have no interest is just rude though. Same as anyone going on about things people don't want to hear about (in a social situation).


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  • Yes they do because there are lots of things that happen in this world that you cannot influence or change. You get lousy options at elections and you basically choose the "lesser of two evils" (though you're still voting for evil) and those parties who then form the government do whatever they please anyway, so why get so worked up and stressed or obsessed about something which heavily influences our lives but we cannot directly change?


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  • no. well yeah, human societies don't have nor need laws or people to make them... same with religion, should they get a life?

  • So politicians should get a life basically. POLITICS IS THEIR LIFE AND LIVELIHOOD lol.

    • The politicians themselves don't get as worked up about it as some voters do. They understand the game and if they lose then they lose.