Melbourne or California (LA)? Which one is better for a vacation?

I have already been to New York, Orlando in the US. I have never been to Australia. But I love both these places I am confused which one to go to? I love shopping, eating food (vegetarian), roller coasters, drinking and cute guys. I want to go to a place where I can meet new people (cute guys).

  • Melbourne alone
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  • Melbourne with a friend
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  • California alone
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  • California with a friend
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  • Come to California where its home to half of the world's population of fuckboys


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  • Melbourne alone. I've been to Melbourne. Freaking laid back city. It's the spot to chill. The people are friendly. You can ask any of them for help around the city. There are a lot of Asians living there. The food is like a staircase to God's throne room. Like omg. It's summer now by the way. I'm going there again in dec.

    • Is it expensive?

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    • Also, do not hang out too late in the city. There are certain suburbs to avoid. Do ask your friend which areas are safe. I hung out at my bf's suburb (caulfield) its really dark at night but safe. The city, we usually leave by 8pm max.

    • Hey I have messaged you. :)