Is anyone else sick of this alpha and beta bullshit?

you can't go a single day without hearing someone ask if its alpha to do this, or if its aplha to do that.

honestly, to those of you who seriously use these terms to describe people, you sound like utter douchebags.

are you really that obsessed with social status?


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  • There are so many opinions an so called experts that want to give guys this notion that they have to strive to be alpha.. beta's are seen as weak... Guys just have to learn to be guys.. Cool with women and comfortable in their own skins, so to speak. Perfection is a myth, in my opinion. I prefer gamma as in HULK! Guys just be cool n respect. You're attractive already!


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  • I'm glad it's not just me that finds the alpha/beta nonsense tiresome. You're going out with WOMEN; you're not in a dating contest with other guys that you're trying to win.

    "Alpha" boneheads: if the percentage of girls you have sex with is important to you, realize that at best, statistically, you are going to have sex with 0% of the female population. Just like everybody else.


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  • Just ignore it, its all bullshit. I think the people who talk about things like that are either shy guys using "being beta" as an excuse for being shy, or some guys who desperately try to act like an "alpha" and in doing so manage to usually achieve the exact opposite and they end up looking extremely fake.